I'm happy to present my first short film (or any film for that matter). It's about what happens if you ignore chain letters.

RE:CURSED - Watch it on Vimeo

Everything was shot over two days in our apartment. My wife helped with the process, apart from being on camera of course.

Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out, although it certainly has its flaws.

Color grading is quite lacking, as I'm simply not skilled enough yet. I'm also having trouble with correct light placement, which doesn't make grading any easier. The entire film is missing the "cinematic" look and feel.

The sound could also be improved. I've recorded some of the clips myself and downloaded a few. I've found that while they sound ok on my PC speakers, they're much worse on a mobile phone or cheap TV's. Some of the ambient sound is actually silent on my phone! This is something that I'll have to pay much more attention to in the future.


Additional sound effects from zapsplat.com

Additional sound effects by cylon8472, inferno, YleArkisto,  RoganDerrick, klankbeeld, farpro, micronmark, SirBedlam, CGEffex,  rucisko and drotzruhn from freesound.org